At that time, Mr. Lu Lin Lin, the founder of Fuyu brand, took the rejuvenation of blue and white exquisite ceramics as his own duty, and recruited a number of craftsmen from the former Guangming porcelain factory.

In 2018, based on thinking and trying on ceramic design, LV Yating founded WENO, a cultural and creative brand focusing on the young market, to create ingenious utensils with functions, interests and rituals.

"Fuyu kiln" is the top art porcelain collection brand of Fuyu ceramics. In terms of creation, it is dominated by exquisite skills and other decorative elements, which contains the artistic concept of modern aesthetics and embodies the humanistic spirit of "rich jade man".


Founded in 1999, Fuyu ceramics is located in Jingdezhen, Jiangxi, the porcelain capital for thousands of years. The company covers an area of 23333㎡, which integrates design, production, research and development and sales. The product series involves food ware, tea ware, wine ware, art porcelain and so on. Company has a modern, garden-like plant, more than the shuttle kiln production line of environmental protection and heat pipe chamber system, form a complete set of production workers more tha......

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In January 2014, "Fuyu" was recognized as a famous trademark of Jiangxi Province by Jiangxi Administration for Industry and commerce
In October 2014, Jingdezhen Ceramic Association awarded "China famous trademark - Jingdezhen ceramics franchise unit"
In June 2017, the design and production of Jingdezhen high-speed railway station culture square kilometer long roll blue and white porcelain plate
In March 2018, participated in the drafting and formulation of the national standard of Linglong household porcelain (GB / T 10812)
In March 2019, it was identified as the demonstration base for productive protection of intangible cultural heritage in Jiangxi Province
In 2020, Fuyu established Jingdezhen blue and white Linglong Research Institute


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